When Paths Meet

Sami Yusuf, Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest, Cappella Amsterdam

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  • HF Young Favourite

A boundless celebration of music from the heart

Internationally renowned composer, vocalist and musician Sami Yusuf sings in multiple languages and explores various cultures because, as he says, ‘People all over the world are looking for connection, and music makes that connection on the most profound level.’ 

The British musician with Azeri roots is called a mega-star by the likes of the BBC and Time Magazine. With a preference for Sufi music, Yusuf is in full command of a range from deeply meditative melodies to pulsating energetic rhythms. His compositions are inspired by traditional music and mystical poetry. 

For this unique, international project, When Paths Meet, for which he creates new compositions and arrangements for his musicians in collaboration with chamber choir Cappella Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra. Yusuf intertwines their traditions, Western classical choral singing and Arabo-Andalusian music, weaving together their distinct traditions in a joint celebration of music across cultural boundaries. 

When this concert had to be cancelled in 2020, one song was nevertheless remotely realised with nearly thirty musicians in separate studios. ONE, which has now been viewed more than 500,000 times online, is a promising preview for this concert. In 2022, all the musicians will finally come together physically.

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