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HF Young

Free for everyone up to 39 years of age

Significant discounts on tickets to shows

Activities with other HF Youngers

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HF Young

The way to get to know the Holland Festival!

HF Young

    • for everyone up to the age of 39 who is curious about performing arts and wants to know more about artists and themes covered in the Holland Festival
    • big discount on selected performances: the HF Young Favourites, which you can visit for only € 22*
    • participation in HF Young is free, but you have to register

HF Young+
Want even more HF Young? Then become a member of HFY+ for € 18.
With this, you support HF Young and enjoy even more benefits*:

  • free participation in the Deep Dive Clubs
  • with HF Young discount to the opening performance of the Holland Festival Rite of Spring 
  • a behind-the-scenes tour of one of the Favourites
  • an invitation to a special HF Young evening during the festival
  • participation in an extra HF Young activity throughout the year

*For all activities: as long as stocks/the number of places lasts

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HF Young Circle

The HF Young programme is curated by the HF Young Circle: 11 young professionals and students, all cultural adventurers between 24 and 39 years old.

Young Benefactors

Holland Festival cannot exist without the support of its Friends. You too can contribute to the renewal of the performing arts! Become a Young Benefactor and join the enthusiastic group of young culture lovers who wish to give Holland Festival a loving hand. Whether you are a cultural newbie or an arts glutton, as one of Holland Festival's Young Benefactors, you will never plunge into the largest performing arts festival of the Netherlands alone. Together with us, you will learn about all the ins and outs of the shows and the artists. 

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