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Privacy statement

Holland Festival's privacy policy

Holland Festival strives to offer optimal service during your visit to our website.

In certain cases your permission is asked for collecting information. This can be done while purchasing tickets, while signing up for the newsletter, or in case you wish to become a Friend of Holland Festival.

Holland Festival respects your privacy while processing this information. Your data are handled with the utmost care. Holland Festival strictly adheres to the demands required by law on the handling of personal data. The legal framework that applies in this case is the A.V.G.: Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (General Data Protection Regulation).

Purpose of personal data handling
Holland Festival works with the digital platform Salesforce, which is linked (through an API) to the ticketing system. The link directly sends the ticket sales information to Salesforce.

For the ticket sales, Holland Festival makes use of the ticketing system Tixly (

The obtained personal data will be used for the following purposes:
• Processing your ticket purchases, sending programme changes and other necessary visitor's information.
• Sending newsletters and other information about Holland Festival with your permission.
• Performing analyses and customer satisfaction research.
• Custom Audience Targeting. For this, your contact information will be uploaded to a social media platform, so a match can be made with their users. This way, Holland Festival can accurately advertise to known visitors and like-minded individuals.
• Sharing the NAWE data of ticket purchasers with the venue where the performance in question takes place for an efficient functioning of the day and/or evening box office.

Which data does Holland Festival process?
All data necessary for the processing purposes mentioned above will be requested from you when you wish to order tickets, register for the newsletter, or become a Friend of Holland Festival. In all cases this concerns complete name and address information, an email address, a phone number and information needed to make a potential transaction possible. We ask for your permission to process this information and save the data until you express the desire to no longer have your data retained by the festival organisation.

Information on access to your data
If you have questions, comments or complaints about the use of the data provided by you, then please refer to the department of Communication & Marketing via: [email protected].
Here, you can inform the festival if you no longer wish to receive newsletters, programme changes, or other necessary visitor's information. You can also state whether you (i) wish to request access to your data, (ii) wish to alter or add information, (iii) wish to receive information from us (to share with another party), (iv) wish to limit the information supplied to us, or (v) wish to have your data removed from the database.

Use of cookies
When you visit our website, Holland Festival places cookies on your computer, tablet or smartphone (hereinafter referred to as: equipment). This happens when you visit our website for the first time or if we change the privacy settings on our website. Continuation of your visit after this notification means you accept placement of these cookies and grant permission for this to be done.

Cookies are text files that browsers (Safari/Chrome/Edge/Firefox) place on your equipment. Cookies can't spread viruses and can't be used to decode equipment passwords. Cookies are necessary if you wish to place an order. They control your shopping cart and make electronic payment with iDeal possible.

We make use of:
• Functional cookies. These are used for keeping track of the session and login information.
• Analytical cookies. These are used to gain insight in our website traffic, based on information of visitor numbers, popular pages of the website and favourite subjects. The identity of the user cannot be traced when executing these analyses.
• Tracking cookies. Holland Festival makes use of these cookies in order to supply you with aimed and relevant information. In order to adequately inform you, these cookies need to be connected to users.
If you don't accept the cookies, you can still visit and use the website. However, certain services or possibilities on the site will not function optimally.

Alterations privacy policy
Holland Festival reserves the right to alter its privacy policy.