Sami Yusuf


Sami Yusuf (Teheran, 1980) is a British composer known for his innovation and ability to transcend musical boundaries with authenticity. His substantial body of work reflects influences from Western classical to contemporary to traditional world music. A multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer, he has performed on six continents and downloads of his music number over a billion and he has sold over 34 million albums. Called a ‘mega-star’ by the likes of BBC and Time Magazine, his work is covered globally by major media outlets. He has been featured on the BBC, CNN, ABC, France 24 and all the major outlets throughout the Middle East and Asia.

‘If compassion had a sound, it would be like this man's voice.’

— A.R. Rahman (Grammy and Academy Award winning composer)


2015 The Centre

2015 Songs of the way

2016 Barakah

2016 Live in London

2017 Live at the Dubai Opera

2019 SAMi

2020 Azerbaijan: A Timeless Presence

2020 The House Concert

2021 The Praised One

2021 O Lovers: Music from the Unseen World

2021 The Sapiential Album

2021 Madad

2021 Live at the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music