Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest


The Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra, founded in 2011, performs at an international level various forms of music from an area stretching from Granada to Baghdad, from various time periods and styles. It focuses on the connection between historical Andalusia and its meaning for our world today. The orchestra also has several successful collaborations with national and international musicians, singers and composers. In several collaborations, such as during the program alBahr - Mare Nostrum, it is clear to hear the interconnection between musical traditions around the Mediterranean.

Previously in Holland Festival
2016 Safar Nord-Sud
2018 Holland Festival Proms Jalasat Rouhiya
2020 (online) One

2017 Andalusian Echoes i.c.w. Abir el Abed
2018 Ziel | Rouh
2020 Mystic Mirrors i.c.w. Salah Edinne Mesbah