HF x Lofi x CTM

Helena Hauff, Gabber Modus Operandi, Parrish Smith, Scotch Rolex (ft. MC Yallah), Nakibembe Xylophone Troupe, Wahono, Arakaza, Uwalmassa, Marcelle

Club evening with live acts, top DJs and a mix of exciting music styles

The Holland Festival goes on into the wee hours in the unpolished atmosphere of nightclub Lofi in Amsterdam’s western harbour area. On 24 June, this will feature the impressive collaboration between Gabber Modus Operandi and Nakibembe Xylophone Troupe.

For this evening, HF and Lofi will join forces with the renowned Berlin festival for adventurous electronic music CTM and the Ugandan collective, festival and record label Nyege Nyege.

The evening will begin outside, in the courtyard, with the deconstructed gamelan sounds of the experimental trio Uwalmassa (Indonesia) and the hallucinatory sounds of Nakibembe Xylophone Troupe (Uganda), eight men playing one giant xylophone. Then the party will move inside for a hyper-energetic performance from Scotch Rolex with rapper MC Yallah (Kenia) and the explosive sounds of the duo Gabber Modus Operandi (Indonesia). There they will be joined once more by Nakibembe Xylophone Troupe and Wahono (Uwalmassa frontman). Live acts that feed off each other and which are sure to leave a lasting impression!

The line-up will feature sets from DJs from the adventurous and energetic side of the spectrum: Marcelle (Netherlands), Arazaka (Burundi/Netherlands), Helena Hauff (Germany) and Parrish Smith (Netherlands). Expect an evening that will have everyone ecstatic and hitting the dance floor.


Fri June 24 8:00 PM


  • default € 20
  • HF Young € 10
  • CJP/student € 12

language & duration

  • Language no problem

  • 9 hours


20:00 - 21:30 Marcelle

21:30 - 22:15 Uwalmassa (Live)

22:15 - 23:00 Nakibembe Xylophone Troupe (Live)

23:00 - 00:00 Arakaza

00:00 - 01:00 Scotch Rolex ft. MC Yallah

01:00 - 02:00 Gabber Modus Operandi ft. Wahono x Nakibembe Xylophone Troupe

02:00 - 03:30 Helena Hauff

03:30 - END Parrish Smith

  • Scotch Rolex

    © Scotch Rolex

  • MC Yallah

    © MC Yallah

  • Arakaza

    © Arakaza

  • Wahono

    © Wahono

  • Uwalmassa

    © Uwalmassa

  • Parrish Smith

    © Parrish Smith

  • Nakibembe Xylophone Troupe

    © Nakibembe

  • Gabber Modus Operandi

    © Gabber Modus Operandi

  • © Udo Siegfriedt