Holland Festival x Cinetree


Together with online film platform Cinetree, the Holland Festival presents a series of films that have a connection to this year's festival screenings.

These films can be watched for free on Cinetree.nl/hollandfestival till 31 May.

Eden - Mia Hansen-Løve (France, 2014)

Fans of electronic dance music - and Daft Punk in particular - will get their money's worth in this French film that follows the life of a boy trying to make a career as a DJ in the 1990s. Want to hit the dance floor yourself and become part of another world? Then check out Respublika during the Holland Festival. Director, video artist and raver Łukasz Twarkowski brings theatre, techno music, film and visual art together at a unique location in Amsterdam.

Finlandia - Horacio Alcala (Mexico, 2021)

This film gives a wonderful insight into the muxe community. Muxes are considered the 'third gender' who play a complex social role in the culture of the Zapotecs, original inhabitants of Mexico. With the festival performance LEMNISKATA, Lukas Avendaño pays a poetic tribute to this community. The artist/choreographer grew up in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, where the film Finlandia is set.

Woman at War - Benedikt Erlingsson (Iceland, 2018)

The comic and powerful Woman At War shows how climate activist, choral conductor and future mother Halla battles foreign energy companies. The film ties in nicely with the festival's focus on the female perspective, including when it comes to how we treat the earth. Like Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead by Simon McBurney, a fairytale thriller about activism, toxic masculinity, our relationship with animals and the power of poetry.


available through Cinetree from April 29 to May 31

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