Otniel Tasman


Otniel Tasman is an emerging choreographer whose work is based in the training and practices of his hometown’s Banyumas culture. For his projects, Otniel explores ideas inspired by contemporary choreography and the gender-fluid identity of traditional Lengger Lanang dance. A graduate of Institut Seni Indonesia Surakarta (Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Surakarta) in 2014, he established Otniel Dance Community in 2012. He actively collaborates with Indonesian and international artists including Ming Wong (Germany), Daniel Kok (Singapore), Arco Renz (Germany), Maxine Happner (Canada), Yo-fen Shu (Taiwan), Hanafi Muhammad (Indonesia) and Garin Nugroho (Indonesia). Otniel is currently working on a collaboration with Bekraf in Tomohon, North Sulawesi. Reny Suci joined Garin Nugroho’s SET Film as a Programmer Assistant in 2011 working on LA Indie Movie (2011-2014). In 2013, she joined Nugroho's stage work Selendang Merah as a production assistant. In 2015 she returned to her hometown, Sumbawa to create Sumbawa Cinema Society, a film community focused on productions, workshops, screenings and discussion. In 2018, she created Sumbawa Collective, an organization for local young artist in Sumbawa and developed a multi-discipline performance Rungan Do about migrant workers, in collaboration with Garasi Performance Institute. The same year, she received the Hibah Cipta Perdamaian (Peacemaking Art Grant) from Yayasan Kelola and the Danish Embassy, a grant specific to Central and Eastern Indonesia to support artistic and creative activities that are supporting peace and reconciliation in their regions. Rina Damayanti joined Garin’s production house SET Films as a producer in 2001 and has handled many of Garin Nugroho’s performance productions and feature films including Opera Jawa (2006), Under The Tree (2008), Blue Generation (2009), The Mirror Never Lies (2011), Blindfold (2012), Setan Jawa (2016), Tusuk Konde (2010) and Selendang Merah (2013). She also works on various film programs such as ACFFEST (Anti-Corruption Film Festival) held by Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and USAID, LA Indie Movie, and Creative Space for Indonesia Performing Arts held by Djarum Bakti Budaya. In 2008 she became one of the finalists in the International Young Creative Entrepreneur (IYCE) Award from the British Council. Damayanti is currently CEO of PadiPadi Creative, a production house and event management company, actively producing various audio-visual works such as documentaries, short movies, TV programs, web series, etc., in collaboration with various national and international institutions.