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Ticket sales for the Friends of the Holland Festival start on Monday 28 February for (Young) Benefactors, Protectors, Close Friends and Governors. Liefhebbers can order from Thursday 3 March. Regular ticket sales start Wednesday 9 March.

Friends of the Holland Festival receive a € 5 discount on each first ticket per performance and a € 2.50 discount on each subsequent ticket for the same performance * When placing an online order, the Friends discount is automatically granted if you log in with the correct email address. Begunstigers are entitled to 4 free tickets, to be used at their own discretion (use the dropdown menu during the ordering process).

How do you order tickets online?
- Select your preferred performance from the programme.
- Select the date (and possibly time) on which you want to visit the performance.
- Select the number of tickets you want at 'standard price'.
  Or (if possible) select the number of seats you want on the floor plan.
  Your Friends Discount will then be automatically calculated.
- You will then see a screen with an overview of your order.
  From here, you can continue with the relevant order (click on 'continue order')
  or add another
  performance to your order (click on 'continue shopping').
- If you choose 'continue with order' you will be directed to the page where you
  can log in to pay.

* The following conditions apply:
   - The price per ticket may not be less than € 15;
   - The discount applies only if tickets are purchased from
     Holland Festival Ticketservice;
   - Some performances are excluded from this offer:
     Der Freischütz by Dutch National Opera and Hans van Manen Festival by Het Nationale Ballet.