Nationale Opera en Ballet

Nationale Opera en Ballet

Address: Amstel 3, 1011 PN Amsterdam

Wheelchair users
National Opera & Ballet is well-suited to accommodating wheelchair users. There is a lift as well as a wheelchair-friendly WC. A number of places in the stalls are reserved for wheelchair users and those accompanying them. The wheelchair places are all fitted with a screen for the surtitles.

Hearing impared
For the hearing impaired, National Opera & Ballet is equipped with an audio induction loop system. When purchasing tickets online or offline, please note that some seats do not provide a signal. These seats are indicated below. If you wear a hearing aid, we request you to ensure that the volume is not set too high, as it can cause acoustic feedback that is difficult to trace and which can disturb other members of the audience. 

No reception
rows 1 through 5
rows 6 and 7 seat 2
row 8 seat 1
row 9 seats 2 and 3
row 10 seats 1 and 3
row 11 seat 3
row 12 seats 1 and 2
row 13 seats 1 and 2
rows 14 through 17 seat 1
row 18 in its entirety

1st balcony
row 6 in its entirety
row 5 seats 1 and 2
row 4 seats 1 and 2
row 3 seats 1 and 2
row 2 seats 1 and 2
row 1 seats 1 and 2

the entire 2nd balcony

See: the website of Nationale Opera en Ballet