Jozef Wouters


Jozef Wouters (1986) is a scenographer, theatre maker and visual artist. Wouters’s career in the performing arts has run from dance and theatre company fABULEUS via Scheld’Apen, d e t h e a t e r m a k e r and a.pass, before setting up his own structure with Decoratelier for the production of his work. As a visual artist and scenographer he has worked with De Nwe Tijd, Thomas Bellinck and many others. His work is often related to a particular location, such as All problems can never be solved (2012), a project about the problem-solving power of architecture in a social-housing neighbourhood in Brussels, or Zoological Institute for Recently Extinct Species (2013), in which he converted a temporary wing of the Brussels Museum of Natural Sciences to express his views on the choices people make in dealing with our habitat. Along with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods and dramaturge Jeroen Peeters, Wouters worked on the site-specific projects Atelier III and Projecting[Space[ in 2017. From 2017-2021 he is an autonomous artist in residence with Damaged Goods.