musical composition, Longplayer, represents a convergence of many of his concerns, particularly those relating to systems, long-durational processes and extremes of scale in both time and space. Among his other works is Score For a Hole In the Ground, a permanent, selfsustaining musical installation in a forest in Kent which relies only on gravity and the elements to be audible. Between 2003 and 2005 he was artist in residence in the astrophysics department of Oxford University, making a number of works including two sculptural observatories, Landscope and The Centre of the Universe. During a year-long residency at the ICIA (University of Bath), he developed Mobile Sinfonia, an indeterminate musical composition scored for mobile phones and propagated globally through the free distribution of ringtones. Recent work, focusing on his interest in long-term sustainability and the reconfiguring of older technologies, includes Spiegelei, a 360-degree spherical camera obscura and Supercomputer, a sculptural machine composing minimal musical scores that opened in Cambridge in June 2014. A new film installation, 51º 30’ 44” N, 0º 0’ 38″ E, was shown in 2016 at the Whitstable Biennial and the Estuary Festival. He has written and recorded a number of film soundtracks.