Wine Dierickx


Their performances are an energetic mix of styles, forms, clichés, icons and expectations. They perform at special locations, ranging from squats to second-hand shops, but also at regular venues in the Netherlands and abroad. Through their playful, witty and sometimes painful struggle to get to grips with their subject matter, they aim to reveal the essence and beauty of the topics they explore. At the 2014 Holland Festival, De Warme Winkel performed the premiere of their production Gavrilo Princip. Wunderbaum are a Dutch-Flemish actors' collective who create performances dealing with current issues, mainly on location but also in the theatre. Usually they write their own scripts based on research; occasionally they commission authors to write for them. Wunderbaum have performed in the Netherlands as well as abroad, including the United States, Iran. Scandinavia and Brazil. They received the Mary Dresselhuys Prize and the VSCD Proscenium Prize for their oeuvre, as well as the Total Theatre Award at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Since 2013, Wunderbaum have been working on The New Forest, a four-year collaboration with various partners, volunteers and audience members to portray society's transition to the world of tomorrow. In 2012 Wunderbaum made their debut at the Holland Festival with Detroit Dealers. Actor / theatremaker Ward Weemhoff has been with De Warme Winkel since 2010. After graduating from the Antwerp Conservatory in 2006 (the actor's class of Dora van der Groen) he worked with various directors, including Johan Simons (Platform/NTGent), Lotte van den Berg (Braakland and Het Gerucht/Toneelhuis) and Joachim Robbrecht (Rashomon-effect/Toneelgroep Amsterdam) as well as several different collectives including andcompany & co (Die Kommende Aufstand), Touki Delphine (In de lelijkheid) and Cie. de Koe (Publikumsbeschimpfung). Besides working in the theatre, he's a film actor and a guest teacher at the acting schools of Antwerp, Maastricht and Brussels. In 2015, Weemhoff was nominated for an Arlecchino, the Dutch prize for the theatre season's best male supporting role, for his performance in De Warme Winkel's Gavrilo Princip. Wine Dierickx is a core member of Wunderbaum actors' collective. She has also performed in several of Johan Simons' productions at NTGent, including Platform and Tien Geboden. The latter earned her a Colombina for the season's most impressive supporting female role. She also played in Maeterlinck, directed by Christoph Marthaler, Apenverdriet, directed by Arne Sierens, and various plays directed by Marijke Pinoy, including Yerma vraagt een toefeling. With tg STAN she staged and performed in their international production of Ibsen's Nora. Dierickx has also acted in various films, including a leading role in Felix van Groeningen's Dagen zonder lief and roles in Smoorverliefd by Hilde van Mieghem and Storm by German director Hans-Christian Schmid.