Wallen is the stage name of the French hip-hop and R&B singer Nawell Azzouz (1978, France). Her debut album À force de vivre was released in 2001 and was nominated for the best French R&B albums of the year. Some well-known songs of hers are L’Olivier, Celle Qui a Dit Non, Bouge cette vie and Donna. She has collaborated with various, mostly French, artists, which include Sté Strausz, Shurik'n, Don Silver and Kayliah. She is married to Abd Al Malik, with whom she has four children. The two have recorded various duets together.

Mayor work

2001 À force de vivre

2004 Avoir la vie devant soi

2008 Miséricorde

2014 Wallen présente: Qu'Allah bénisse la France!