toneelgroep Amsterdam (voorheen De Warme Winkel)


Since its establishment, De Warme Winkel has been looking for a name that better communicates what it stands for. Enthusiasts may associate their name with artistic adventure, but in general it creates a very different impression. Now a historical name became vacant that better communicates what they stand for and where they want to go, and that connects seamlessly with their oeuvre full of art historical quotes and appropriation, brutality and experimentation. From now on, De Warme Winkel is therefore called 'toneelgroep Amsterdam'.

toneelgroep Amsterdam is one of the most high-profile theatre companies in the Netherlands, with its ground-breaking productions for both larger and smaller venues. Their work on location has also caused quite a stir. toneelgroep Amsterdam's most pioneering pieces came about with intimate productions in nuclear shelters, squatted buildings, recycling centres or living room theatres.

toneelgroep Amsterdam won both the direction award and critical award for their piece De Warme Winkel speelt De Warme Winkel. Together with theatre collective BOG, toneelgroep Amsterdam will soon open the first Amsterdam theatre arts incubator De Sloot near Sloterdijk station. A workspace for theatre makers with two halls, studios, ateliers and a bar and restaurant. Casting will be the first piece performed here. 

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