Stephen O’Malley


Stephen O’Malley, born in 1974 in New Hampshire, now lives in Paris. Over the course of fifteen years, he was responsible for over fifty releases and several hundred performances around the world as a composing and performing musician and producer. Stephen O'Malley is part of several groups, including Sunn O))), Burning Witch, KTL, Khanate, Aethenor, Ginnungagap, Lotus Eaters and Gravetemple. He is involved in highly collaborative experimental work and works with various audio creatives, both live and in the studio. The work created is recognized as crossing genres, or ignoring them altogether, defying definition. It is always challenging and changing. As a designer and visual artist, O’Malley has worked with a variety of underground music labels, directing hundreds of sleeves and related ephemera. He has a special relationship with the Southern Lord label from Los Angeles, for which he did the cover art for nearly one hundred albums. O’Malley has worked together with visual artists on gallery installations, most notably with the American New Gothic sculptor Banks Violette and the Italian artist Nico Vascellari. For Gisèle Vienne, he created music for Kindertotenlieder (2007), This is how you will disappear (2010) and LAST SPRING: A Prequel (2011) in collaboration with Peter Rehberg, with whom he founded the band KTL, as well as for Eternelle Idole (2009), Crowd (2017) and L’Etang (2020).