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STEADY BODY; peripheral dances, sacred gestures

Ana Pi

Afro-diasporic dances are a means of resistance against the museumification of these dance traditions. Where these dances are often categorised as ‘folkloric’, ‘ethnic’, ‘animist’ or ‘tribal’, in this workshop Ana Pi will explore how these can be re-appropriated. Based on the piece The Divine Cypher, participants will jointly explore movements and knowledge from various different dance histories and artistic forms that are already stored in the body. What does movement mean to you when you move in a collective, without the rigidity of pre-rehearsed dance routines? What is your natural movement?

Ana Pi: ‘With the lab STEADY BODY; peripheral dances, sacred gestures, we explore what these radical movements have in common: a focus on the future, groove, excitement, recoding and visual travel. We will share knowledge and experience from different traditions and artistic forms, each journey an opportunity to delve into histories, significant figures, aesthetics, intersections between poetics and politics of invisibility. With our bodies, we can change current-day worldviews and find a beautiful new way of moving in the world.’


Thu June 20 7:00 PM


  • default € 25
  • CJP/student/scholar € 13

language & duration

  • English

  • 3 hours