Serraimere Boogie


Serraimere Boogie was born in Sorong, West Papua, and studied at the Jakarta Art Institute (IKJ), completing his Masters in 2017. Boogie is a contemporary dancer, performing at festivals including the World Travel Market, UK in 2014, Singapore Art Festival in 2016, and the Solo International Performing Arts festival in 2018. Boogie was Assistant Choreographer for the Opening Ceremony of the Asian Games in 2018. Heinbertho J. B. D. Koirewoa (Douglas), born in Sorong, West Papua, is a hip hop mentor and teacher in Papua and West Papua. He founded the Anker Dance School Jayapura, Sentani, and is committed to promoting Papuan culture, performing in Singapore, Malaysia, London and the Netherlands. A supporting actor in the SCTV series Diam-Diam Suka, he was the champion in several battle dance competitions. Pricillia Elisabeth Monica (Eliz) is based in Jayapura and is actively involved in the local dance and hip hop scene as a member of the Anker Dance community. Eliz is also a dance teacher and often participates in dance competitions at regional and national levels. In 2017, Eliz participated in the Europalia Festival, and the following year performed at the Galeri Indonesia Kaya in the Ruang Kreatif program. Beckham Dwaa was born in 1995 and raised in Jayapura, Papua. Before moving to his current base in Jakarta, Dwaa started a dance community called Potred Dance with Jacko Siompo of the Animal Pop Dance community. He is now active in the Hustlermvmnt community and has joined dance events including Eat D’ Beat in Bandung and Jakarta Dance Meet Up. Taufik Adam is a West Sumatran musician and composer who conceptualises music as an interaction between art, humanity and place. He has composed many works across genres including projects with Ensemble Modern, such as Ruang Suara in Holland Festival, 2017. He is currently exploring electronic music – linking tradition with modernity through the flow of global-local-isation.