Ralph Lemon


Ralph Lemon is a choreographer, writer, visual artist, curator and the Artistic Director of Cross Performance, a company devoted to cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary performance and presentation. His work blurs the boundaries between the gallery and the theatre. Some of his recent works include: the 'performance-lecture-musical Scaffold Room (2015), the film/dance project Four Walls (2012), and, a production using live performance, film and visual art called, How Can You Stay in The House All Day And Not Go Anywhere? (2008-2010). Chorus (2017) has evolved from the final scene of Scaffold Room. 

In 2004, Lemon completed The Geography Trilogy. It was a ten-year international research and performance project examining race, history, memory and the art world. The project consisted of three performances: Geography (1997), Tree (2000), and Come home Charley Patton (2004). In 2012, Lemon was the curator of the Some sweet day performance series at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He has been the recipient of an Alpert Award (1999), a Bellagio Study Center Fellowship (2004), a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship (2009), a United States Artists Fellowship (2009), three New York Dance and Performance ‘Bessie’ Awards (1986, 2005, 2016), and two New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships (2004, 2009). In 2015, Lemon was presented the National Medal of Arts by then-president Barack Obama. In 2016, The Museum of Modern Art published a monograph of his work.