Oneohtrix Point Never


Oneohtrix Point Never is the stage name of Brooklyn resident and experimental musician Daniel Lopatin, descendant of a Jewish family which emigrated from Russia to the United States. The basement in the family home in Boston was stacked full of synthesizers, which belonged to his father, who had played in a band in the Soviet-Union. Lopatin was inspired by the synthesizer sounds of the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Stevie Wonder in his father's record collection, and by the soundtracks of video games such as Metroid. Film and soundtracks have been a huge influence on Lopatin's work, who employs a mix of styles and sounds.

Lopatin has always deftly balanced the experimental with the accessible: He has released several albums under his Oneohtrix Point Never moniker on various independent labels – including Rifts, which is a compilation of his early work, and more recently Replica, which is built around samples of television commercials. His first album for the Warp label, R Plus Seven, was released in 2013. Lopatin has built live soundscapes at the Museum of Modern Art and has collaborated with Montreal-based ambient electronic music composer Tim Hecker. Advertising powerhouse Saatchi & Saatchi tapped Lopatin for an installation event at the 2012 Cannes film fest and Sofia Coppola’s longtime cohort Brian Reitzell invited him to create original music for Coppola’s The Bling Ring. Said the Saatchi execs, characterising his music: 'There’s this grandeur to his music, but it’s always counterbalanced by moments of irony and lightness.'