Matthew Herbert


Matthew Herbert (1972) is a prolific and accomplished musician, whose range of works extends from numerous albums (including the much-celebrated Bodily Functions) to Ivor Novello nominated film scores (Life in a Day). Herbert has (either under his own name or as Doctor Rockit, Radioboy or Wishmountain) performed thousands of concerts all around the world, from the Sydney Opera House to the Hollywood Bowl. He has remixed iconic artists, including Quincy Jones, Serge Gainsbourg ad Ennio Morricone and has worked with musical acts as diverse as Bjørk and Dizzee Rascal. He has produced other artists, such as Roisin Murphy, The Invisible, Micachu and Merz, and released some of these works alongside others on his own label, Accidental Records. His other collaborators include chef Heston Blumenthal, playwright Caryl Churchill and writer Will Self, but he is most known for working with sound, turning ordinary or so-called found sound into electronic music. One of his most recent works, One Pig, followed the life of a pig from birth to plate and beyond. Another of his works, The End of Silence, is a large-scale composition based on one single sample of a bomb explosion in Iraq. For Deutsche Grammophon, Herbert created a 're-composition' of Mahlers Tenth Symphony, based on an existing recording of a performance and field recordings in death-related venues. Matthew Herbert is currently involved in relaunching an online Museum of Sound. He was recently appointed creative director of the New Radiophonic Workshop.