Marco Layera


Teatro Escuela La Matriz and the Escuela Teatro Imagen. In 2008 he founded the theatre collective La Re-sentida, where he remains the artistic director. Working with this company in 2008, he created Simulacro, an ironic, brutal, darkly humorous reflection on life in a country with a dictatorial history. The group’s breakthrough in Europe came with Tratando de hacer una obra que cambie el mundo, which was shown at Holland Festival in 2013 as well as other venues; he also directed a new, adapted version of Tratando in Estonia with an entirely Estonian cast. In 2015 Layera and his group made another appearance at Holland Festival to perform La imaginación del futuro (2013),and his show La Dictadura de lo cool travelled to a number of Dutch theatres in 2017. Marco Layera was closely involved with theatrical research into people of different ages and social classes, as shown in Elencos ciudadanosand Laboratorios de montaje. He also taught at various theatre schools. He has received the Eugenio Guzmán prize of the Festival para Directores Teatrales of the University of Chile, the prize for best director at the Festival de Teatro Joven in the Teatro Municipal de las Condes and has twice been nominated for the Chilean art prize the Premio Altazor a Las Artes Nacionales.