Laurie Anderson


New York based artist Laurie Anderson is a creative pioneer, known primarily for her multimedia presentations. She has cast herself in roles as varied as visual artist, composer, poet, photographer, filmmaker, electronics whiz, vocalist, and instrumentalist. Her recording career was launched in 1980 with pop hit O Superman appearing on Big Science, followed by albums such as Mister Heartbreak, United States Live, Strange Angels, Bright Red, and the soundtrack to her feature film Home of the Brave. In 2001, Anderson released Life on a String, which was followed by Live in New York in 2002. Anderson is a groundbreaking leader in the use of technology in the arts. Her shows range from simple spoken word performances to elaborate multimedia events. Furthermore she has published six books and her visual work has been presented in major museums throughout the United States and Europe. As a composer, Anderson has contributed music to films and dance pieces. Her most recent orchestra work is Songs for Amelia Earhart. Anderson is a regular Holland Festival guest.