Kristoff K. Roll (Carole Rieussec


Kristoff K.Roll is a French musical duo consisting of Carole Rieussec and Jean-Christophe Camps. Their joint incarnation as Kristoff K.Roll began in Paris in 1990, when they were both members of the seven-piece turntable collective Arènes du Vinyle. Since then, the pair have been producing sound art with distinctive layers at the intersection between noise, soundscape, site-specific and object theatre, documentary and music. Kristoff K.Roll's compositions are built on three elements: the word, the space and the object. The duo experiments with ways of sound distribution that go beyond the usual concert setting. Kristoff K.Roll has collaborated with composer Luc Ferrari on many occasions, and in the 1990s, the duo contributed towards the explosion in electro-acoustic compositions for theatre and stage. In the process, the studio methods and accompanying equipment became visible instruments in the live improvisation game. The duo is currently focusing on (electro) acoustic improvisations, sound theatre, radio art, installations, text composition and performance art. Highlights from their oeuvre include: Corazón road (1994-1996), Des travailleurs de la nuit à l’amie des objets (1997), Portrait de Daunik Lazro (1998), Le petit bruit d’à côté du coeur du monde (1995-2001), l’ (2007) and, more recently, La bohemia electrónica … nunca duerme (2014). Kristoff K.Roll can regularly be seen at festivals in France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Quebec and the United States. Sometimes they perform as a duo and sometimes they collaborate with other artists. Many of Kristoff K.Roll's compositions have received international awards, and the duo is on the editorial board of the French music magazine Revue & Corrigée. In addition, Kristoff K.Roll produces radio shows for Radio Libertaire in Paris and Radio Pays d'Hérault. Together with sound poet Anne-James Chaton, the duo co-founded Sonorités, the international sound and poetry festival.