As a guardian, you are a Friend of Holland Festival, you experience the festival up close and you get to speak to the creators. When artists and visitors meet, new and special exchanges take place..

With your support, the festival can present iconic shows that will be spoken about for decades to come. Thanks to your contribution of € 1,500 a year, the festival can take on a leading position and make adventurous choices.

We will gladly thank you for your support, with

·       priority at ticket sales,
·       € 5 discount on every first ticket for each show and € 2,50 discount
        on every next ticket for the same show*,
·       inclusion of your name on the website (if so desired),
·       four complimentary tickets*, it is also possible to forego free tickets in order
        to give extra support to the festival
·       an invitation for yourself and a guest to: 
        -        the festive launch of the programme in spring,
        -        the Friends show and cocktails afterwards,
        -        the Opening show and the festive reception afterwards,
        -        the Autumn reception, and
        -        a backstage tour at one of the Holland Festival productions.

* - Certain shows are excluded from this offer: 
     Der Freischütz by Dutch National Opera and Hans van Manen Festival
by Het Nationale Ballet. 
   - The price per ticket, including the discount, may not drop below € 15.

Donating to a cultural institution or charity
Holland Festival has the status of a cultural ANBI*. A donation to an organisation with an ANBI status can be deducted from taxable income as a gift. The amount that you are permitted to deduct depends on the type and size of the gift. Good to know: gifts to several organisations with an ANBI status can be added together. Use this calculator to look at the fiscal benefit in your specific situation.

* Public Benefit Organisation (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling)

Read more: Fiscal benefits and Giving Act (Geefwet)

Marian van Wijngaarden
tel. 020 - 788 21 00

B. Amesz & E. Boswijk
M. Appeldoorn
Lodewijk Baljon and Ineke Hellingman
R.F. van den Bergh
Maarten Biermans and Helena Verhagen
S. Brada
Frans and Dorry Cladder-van Haersolte
Sabine Vroom
J. Docter and E. van Luijk
Huub A. Doek
L. Dommering-van Rongen
Marianne Eisma
E.L. Eshuis
E. Granpré Moliere
M. Grotenhuis
V. Halberstadt
S. Haringa
W. and J. Jansen-Straver
Luuk H. Karsten
Monique Laenen and Titus Darley
Ton and Jannie Liefaard-van Dijk
A. van der Linden-Taverne
Sijbolt Noorda and Mieke van der Weij
Ben Noteboom
G. van Oenen
Pim and Antoinette Polak
Lisette Schuitemaker and Jos van Merendonk
C.W.M. Schunck
Ingeborg Snelleman and Arie Vreugdenhil
A.N. Stoop and S. Hazelhoff
Wolbert and Barbara Vroom
P. Wakkie
O.L.O. and Tineke de Witt Wijnen-Jansen Schoonhoven