God’s Entertainment


God's Entertainment is one of the few experimental theatre ensembles in Austria who make a conscious effort to break with the prevailing stage conventions. Their productions are somewhere between stage play, happening, visual art, performance and concert. They draw extensively on popular culture and mass media, giving equal weight to all theatrical elements (set, performers, public, music, text and body) in their performances. The collective are driven by social, cultural and political injustice, with an aim to activate the audience and trigger debate. At the same time, they're equally devoted to entertaining their audience. As Nadine Jessen, dramaturg from Kampnagel Hamburg, wrote about them: 'Adopting a radical approach, they search for new strong fields of tension in different social and cultural spaces, topics, structures and forms beyond theatrical convention. Out of this artistic-social patchwork they create sharp-edged social sculptures, often including the audience.'