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Georgina Verbaan


Georgina Verbaan started her professional acting career in 1997 in daily television and youth films. Her comedy timing and drama skills were quickly noticed, and she regularly crossed over to productions like VPRO's Hertenkamp, Enigma and Medea.

In the Netherlands she has over a 100 television and film credits with leading roles in shows like Van God Los, 't Schaep met de 5 pooten, Floor Faber and the successful crime show KLEM. She starred in many films including Oogverblindend (‘Dazzle’) with Rutger Hauer, Brasserie Valentijn, Lotus, Mannenharten and Buiten is het Feest (‘Hidden in the Spotlight’). 

She has worked in theater for almost 20 years on productions like Venus by Johan Doesburg, De Ingebeelde Zieke by Jos Thie and De Utrechtse Spelen and Oogverblindend by Cyrus Frisch.

For the feature films De Marathon (supporting - 2013) and De Surprise (lead - 2015) she was awarded with a Dutch Academy Award for Best Performance. For Hartenstraat (lead - 2015) she received a Rembrandt Award and for KLEM (lead - 2017) she received the Golden Nutcracker.

In 2023 she starred in the feature film KLEM Maniere Olandesi, the show Katwalk and the second season of Maud & Babs

Past events

  1. 2024

    theatre |Internationaal Theater Amsterdam - Rabozaal
  2. theatre |Tuschinski Theater - Zaal 1