Errollyn Wallen


‘Renaissance woman of contemporary British music’, according to The Observer - Errollyn Wallen (Belize, 1958) is as respected a singer-songwriter of pop influenced songs as she is a composer of contemporary new music. Communication is at the centre of both worlds: engaging the audience, speaking directly to hearts and minds. She gave up her training at the Dance Theater in New York to study composition at the universities of London and Cambridge. She founded her own Ensemble X, and its motto ’We don’t break down barriers in music… we don’t see any’ reflects her genuine, free-spirited approach and eclectic musicianship. She has been commissioned by outstanding music institutions from the BBC to the Royal Opera House and has performed her songs internationally. 


Composition at the University of London and University of Cambridge


The Girl In My Alphabet

Meet Me at Harold Moores, featured on the Brodsky Quartet 

Mood Swings (alongside Björk, Sting and Elvis Costello)

2004 The Errollyn Wallen Songbook


2007 Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

2018 Ivors Composer Award.

2022 one of BBC's top 100 Women