Colin Benders


Colin Benders (1986), previously also known as Kyteman, is a Dutch composer and multi-instrumentalist. He studied the trumpet at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and one of his teachers there was Eric Vloeimans. His debut album The Hermit Sessions, in which he played all the parts himself, appeared in 2009. He went on tour with Kyteman's Hip-Hop Orchestra. The name was later changed to The Kyteman Orchestra, and a second album was produced under that title. Benders and his orchestra played several times at the festivals Oerol, North Sea Jazz, Lowlands and Pinkpop. The orchestra won the Buma Cultuur Pop Award in 2009. Benders played and toured with Relax, Krezip, Voicst, Wouter Hamel, C-mon & Kypski and Sting, among others. He brought out the album Kytecrash (2011) with Eric Vloeimans. In 2014 he opened the doors of Kytopia in the former premises of Tivoli in Utrecht. From this studio, which he shares with like-minded musicians, he has since worked in his own name on a new oeuvre centred on the modular synthesizer. Long nocturnal jam sessions are streamed live on his website. He has appeared at various dance festivals, including performances with T. Raumschmiere and others. In 2018 he debuted at Holland Festival with the first version of Electro Symphonic Orchestra.