Clemens Sienknecht


Actor and director Clemens Sienknecht (1964) didn’t complete his studies in music and sport. He played in various bands and was a pianist in several theatre productions. Since 1993, he has regularly collaborated with Christoph Marthaler in productions including Faust, Wurzel aus 1+2 (1993) and Stunde Null oder die Kunst des Servierens (1996) and Heimweh & Verbrechen (2014) at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus. Together with Barbara Bürk, he created Effi Briest– but with another text and another melody in 2015. This work was selected for Berlin's Theatertreffen festival in 2016. Sienknecht also performed at the Schauspielhaus in the plays Glaube Liebe Hoffnung and Die Wehleider, both directed by Christoph Marthaler. He has also had roles in Der Zauberer von Oz and Alice im Wunderland, two youth performances directed by Barbara Bürk. He composed the music for both of those shows. Anna Karenina – although with a different text and a different melody is the second part of a trilogy.