Ben Frost


Ben Frost (Melbourne, Australië, 1980) is a Composer, Producer, Sound Artist and Director. Since the early 2000’s he is based in Reykjavík Iceland, Frost was mentored by the British musician and producer Brian Eno in the Rolex Arts Initiative. Frost is known for his minimalist, instrumental and experimental music with influences ranging from classical minimalism to punk rock and black metal. His work includes studio albums and spans an array of other forms including installations, live performance, scores for dance, theatre, and various studio collaborations. He has composed several scores for film. Over the past decade Frost has collaborated most extensively with the Irish visual artist Richard Mosse, producing the award-winning multi-channel video and sound installations.


2007 Theory of Machines 

2009 By The Throat 

2014 A U R O R A 

2017 The Centre Cannot Hold 



2013 The Wasp Factory (Holland Festival 2014)

2020 The Murder of Halit Yozgat (Holland Festival 2022)



Sleeping Beauty (nominated for a Palme d'Or)



Raised By Wolves 


Multi-channel video- and soundinstallations

2013 The Enclave

2017 Incoming