Actress (alias Darren Cunningham)


Actress, alias Darren J. Cunningham (United Kingdom, 1979), is a producer, composer and founder of the label Werkdiscs, through which some of the most influential names from the bass music scene published their music. As Actress, Cunningham published his debut album Hazyville in 2008. This was followed by Splazsh (2010), R.I.P. (2012), and most recently AZD (2017), among other works. He collaborated on a film by Belgian photographer Pierre Debusschere and played various big live shows, including performances at Sonar in Tokyo and Barcelona, at the Tate Modern (with visual artists Yayoi Kusama and Agnes Martin) and in London. Actress has worked with the London Contemporary Orchestra. They have given various concerts and last year published Lageos, a shared album.