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Programme 2.0-2.0

Holland Festival in the city

Raquel van Haver, Micha Hamel, Rodrik Biersteker, YAK Films/Sozo Artists

During the festival period, art by artists connected with the Holland Festival could be seen for a week at the place where advertisements usually are displayed in Amsterdam.


Jem Finer

In light of unprecedented circumstances, this installation could be heard again – after its successful debut in the Netherlands at the Holland Festival in 2018 – in the tower of the historic Lloyd Hotel.

How can I recognize you?

Bill T. Jones

An online portrait with texts and video material of Bill T. Jones’ choreographies.

→ View the portrait here

I Know...

Bill T. Jones, Ruben van Leer, the audience

Bill T. Jones invited anyone to record a short video ‘in times of social distancing’ about something they know deep down and feel strongly about - expressed in words and gestures.

→ Watch part 1 here

→ Watch part 2 here

→ Watch part 3 here

→ Watch part 4 here

→ Watch part 5 here

→ Watch part 6 here

Memories of My Body

Garin Nugroho

Streaming of a film about Juno, a young boy from Java, training with a traditional Lengger dance company.

De Groene: Elaine Mitchener

Podcast in which Stephan Sanders has a conversation with Koen Schouten (saxophonist, jazz expert) about Vocal Classics of the Black Avant-garde.

→ Listen back here

Once Upon a Time, an Iron Rose... «work in progress»

Rokia Traoré

Music video in which Traoré pays tribute to the South-African singer Miriam Makeba, as a work in progress of a postponed live performance.

This evening’s performance has not been cancelled

Zoe Irvine, Bergen Nasjonale Opera

Interactive sound art project in which theatres from various European countries allow their audiences to catch a glimpse of the works that were cancelled via their telephones.

→ Listen back here


John Cage, Ensemble Klang, Saskia Lankhoorn, Joey Marijs

Music video of the tranquil, loving composition by John Cage.

Masterclass Snarky Puppy

Michael League

Online masterclass by band leader Michael League in which he shared his musicality and expertise with everyone.

→ View the masterclass here

The Murder of Halit Yozgat

Ben Frost

Streaming of an chilling opera about the reconstruction of a murder case.

De Groene: the motown project

Podcast in which Stephan Sanders has a conversation with writer and hip hop expert Thomas Heerma van Voss.

→ Listen back here

Political Bodies

Traumnovelle, Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Educational project about the role of architecture in society.

→ View the student presentation here

The Problem

Bill T. Jones, Janet Wong

Music video: What goes on in the mind of Bill T. Jones while making his work?

→ Watch here

the motown project

Alicia Hall Moran

Especially for the Holland Festival Alicia Hall Moran made a 'living room version' of her performance.


Lucie Horsch, Orkest van de Achttiende Eeuw, Cappella Amsterdam

Video and audio registration of a concert in the spirit of Frans Brüggen, with works by Louis Andriessen amongst others.

→ Watch here

Prometheus Project

Het Nationale Ballet

Streaming of three solos created by choreographers Remi Wörtmeyer, Wubkje Kuindersma and Ernst Meisner to piano music by Beethoven.

→ Watch here

De Groene: Glory & Tears

Podcast in which Stephan Sanders has a conversation with the Moroccan-Dutch singer and songwriter Karima el Filali and journalist Kim Schoof.

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Love & Revenge: Rayess Bek, Randa Mirza, Mehdi Haddab, Julien Perraudeau

New music video in which Rayess Bek incorporated the song Tarmentini by an unknown Lebanese singer.

The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia

Ho Tzu Nyen

An image bank full of untold stories from Southeast Asia.

→ Watch here

The Name

Ho Tzu Nyen

Streaming of Ho Tzu Nyen’s film The Name, a search for the identity of the writer of a book about the Malayan Communist Party.

Is there a we?

Bill T. Jones, Ellen Ombre, Melanie Bonajo, Naomie Pieter, onder leiding van Ikenna Azuike

Live streaming of panel discussion between artists about communities, ecology, vulnerability and inequality in times of social distancing.

→ Watch here

Poetry Circle: Sjaan Flikweert

A live performance by Sjaan Flikweert of 'Kaap' (Cape) from her audiovisual spoken word collection ‘Ergens thuis en de ruimte ertussen’ (Somewhere at home and the space in between), composed by Marc Alberto and directed by Angela Tellier.

→ Watch here

The City is a Choreography

Melissa Schriek

Photo exhibition on the expressive body and how it relates to its immediate environment.

→ Watch here

Drei Schwestern

Susanne Kennedy, Münchner Kammerspiele

Complete registration of the performance. Süddeutsche Zeitung: ‘A philosophical evening, visually astonishing’.

De Groene: Rufus Collins

Podcast in which Stephan Sanders has a conversation with actor and theatre maker Maarten van Hinte about Rufus Collins’ legacy.

→ Listen back here

Metz with Diller

Tracy Metz’ article about the work by architect Elizabeth Diller.

→ Read the article here


Sami Yusuf, Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest, Cappella Amsterdam

Exclusive preview of a unique musical collaboration.

→ Watch here

Holland Festival Parelpubquiz

Xander van Vledder and Justus van Dillen

Testing your knowledge about the Holland Festival safely from behind your computer.

The Nameless

Ho Tzu Nyen

Streaming of a film about Lai Teck, the leader of the Malayan Communist Party from 1939 until 1947, and triple agent as well.

Reflections on-site

Clare Brennan, Felix Chan, Bahar Cuhadar, Anton Fleurov, Wouter Hillaert, Ernesto Orellana

International journalists write about the role of art critics in times of social distancing.

→ Read the articles here

Poetry Circle: Jörgen Gario UNOM

Music video by the poet and songwriter Jörgen Gario UNOM, born on Sint Maarten.

→ Watch here

The Just and the Blind

Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Daniel Bernard Roumain, Drew Dollaz

A special, live-produced online-edition of the original show, about the continuing subordinate position of the black community in the United States, which is painfully visible again in times of corona especially. This edition included interaction with the audience as well.

De Groene: INFINI 1-16

Podcast in which Stephan Sanders has a conversation with scenographer Jozef Wouters and dramaturg Nienke Scholts.

→ Listen back here

Masterclass Bill T. Jones

Bill T. Jones in conversation with young music theatre makers.

→ Watch here

Listening with Micha Hamel

A short lecture on the pleasure and importance of listening. Because: ‘Listening is more fun, more difficult and more important than you think’.

→ Watch and listen here

TAL.kshow: het praat-programma

BOG. & Het Zuidelijk Toneel

Streaming of a musical conversation about language.

→ Watch here

Poetry Circle: Rachel Rumai Diaz

Rachel Rumai Diaz takes you on a journey through her family history, which she does in multiple languages.

→ Watch here

Rito de primavera

José Vidal & Compañía

Registration of the show which was performed at the festival in 2017. A celebration of dance.

Festivals for Compassion

Calliope Tsoupaki, Wiek Hijmans

Streaming of the solo composition Thin Air, especially written by the Greek-Dutch composer Calliope Tsoupaki for Festivals for Compassion.

→ Watch here

→ Festivals for Compassion

I Know

Bill T. Jones, Ruben van Leer, the audience

Final Holland Festival 2.0-2.0, video collage of all videos submitted.

→ Watch here