Michael Redgrave

Dit is een voorstelling uit het archief van Holland Festival


Part I: O for a Muse of Fire
1. Choruses from King Henry V
2. King Richard II:
Act III Scene 2:
King Richard returns from Ireland
Act III Scene 3:
King Richard on the walls of Flint Castle
Act IV Scene 1:
King Richard is deposed
Act V Scene I:
King Richard’s farewell to his Queen
Act V Scene 5:
The death of King Richard




Part II: I am bound upon a Wheel of Fire
1. Macbeth
Act II Scene 1:
‘Is this a dagger..’
Act III Scene 1:
Macbeth plans Banquo’s murder
Act V Scene 5:
Macbeth meets his end
2. King Lear
Act II Scene 4:
Lear with Regan and Gonerill
3. The Tempest
Act 1 Scene 2:
Prospero tells Miranda their story
Act V:
Prospero’s spell and Epilogue


William Shakespeare
Michael Redgrave