Call for choir members

Looking for choir members! m/v


On June 15th and 16th 2017 Holland Festival will have the world premiere of the opera Octavia. Trepanation (music: Dmitri Kourliandski, director: Boris Yukhananov), a coproduction with the Moscow’s Stanislavsky Electrotheatre at the Muziekgebouw aan’t IJ. Are you looking for the opportunity to participate in a professional opera production? Holland Festival is looking for choir members! (m/f)! Octavia 220X175 2


Due to the weight and height of the costume, we are looking for 80 physical strong male and female choir members with excellent stamina. Minimal length 170cm, clothing size M-XL. All voice types are allowed, excellent breath support is required. You have the basic skill set for A Prima Vista but most of all you have a musically develop hearing. And of course, you know what unisono singing entails! 

From all applicants full availability is required for the rehearsal dates listed below:


Weekend 1

Friday   31/3/2017  19:30-22:00  

Saturday  1/4/2017  09:30-17:00  

Sunday   02/4/2017 09:30-13:00  


Refresh rehearsals*

Monday   10/4/2017 19:30-22:00 

Tuesday  11/4/2017 19:30-22:00


Weekend 2

Friday   21/4/2017 19:30-22:00  

Saturday  22/4/2017 09:30-17:00  

Sunday   23/4/2017 09:30-13:00     


Midweek(end) 3 

Wednesday 10/5/2017 19:30-22:00  

Thursday 11/5/2017 19:30-22:00  

Friday   12/5/2017 19:30-22:00  

Saturday 13/5/2017 09:30-17:00      

Sunday   14/5/2017  09:30-15:00     


Week(end) 4

Friday  09/6/2017 19:00-22:00

Saturday 10/6/2017 13:00-17:00

Sunday  11/6/2017 13:00-17:00

Monday  12/6/2017 19:00-23:00  

Tuesday  13/6/2017  14:00-22:00 

Wednesday 14/6/2017 13:00-17:00+ Dress rehearsal 19:00-23:00   

Thursday  15/6/2017 V1 19:00-23:00

Friday   16/6/2017 V2 19:00-23:00


All rehearsals will take place in Amsterdam.


  • experience as a chorus member in a professional opera production
  • a free guest ticket for the dress rehearsal on June 14th, 2017 at 7:30PM.
  • Travel expenses (Public Transport, 2nd class ticket) can be covered for applicants living outside Amsterdam.
  • During rehearsals you will be provided with coffee/tea and during rehearsals scheduled all day (09:30-17:00) a lunch will be provided. For evening rehearsals which start in the afternoon (13:00-23:00)  we will provide dinner.
  • Two T-shirts


We kindly ask you to apply through the online form.
In this application we request a digital copy of your ID or Passport* and a recent picture of yourself. Deadline for applying will be March 27th, 2017.
After you’ve submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation of application within 5 work days. After closing date you will receive a confirmation of participation.