Interview: Looking at Art with Bill T. Jones

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Through their work artists can open our eyes to their way of seeing. In the first episode of this new series of interviews, we look at art through the eyes of the American choreographer, dancer, director, writer Bill T. Jones.

'I often say to people when you watch my performance or any performance, the first thing you must do is watch yourself watching. I do that with myself as well. Why am I now leaning forward? Why am I now thinking about dinner? Why am I now holding my breath? Why am I now getting angry? Why am I now getting sexually aroused? That’s the way I am at my best as an audience. I feel the same thing when I am at an art gallery or watching Netflix. I’m trying to think who made this? I see what they have produced but I’m wondering why did they do it? Then I’m looking for the language in it that I can either relate to or not.'

Bill T. Jones


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