Interview: In conversation with Elaine Mitchener

Door: Glamcult


Experimental artist Elaine Mitchener works with voice, movement and composition. She encompasses the avant-garde creative world within all of her pieces, creating performance art which resonates with its audience. Born in East London to Jamaican parents, Elaine harnesses her experiences and influences within all of her work. For the Holland Festival this year, Elaine ‘honours the experiment’, when discussing the American avant-garde period of jazz and the 60’s and 70’s influences on music.

"With every performance I’m searching for a totality of expression, to fully unify and amplify the musical, physical, emotional, and political aspects of each work. How I do that comes down to spending a lot of time thinking about how to approach work, reading and researching source materials, then discussing it with my collaborators, whether they are fellow musicians, or choreographers, or consultants, or lighting designers, and then working all these things out in the rehearsal room, where plenty of blood, sweat and tears are shed!"

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