the counter investigation 77sqm_9:26min by Forensic Architecture


Initiative. Frost is known for his minimalist, instrumental andexperimental music with influences ranging from classical minimalism to punk rock and black metal. His work includes the studio albums Theory of Machines (2007), By The Throat (2009), A U R O R A (2014) and The Centre Cannot Hold (2017) and spans an array of other forms including installations, live performance, scores for dance, theatre, and various studio collaborations. He has composed several scores for film including the Palme d’Or nominated Sleeping Beauty, the series’ Fortitude and Dark. Most recently he composed the score for Raised By Wolves with director Ridley Scott. Over the past decade Frost has collaborated most extensively with the Irish visual artist Richard Mosse, producing the award-winning multi-channel video and sound installations The Enclave (2013) and Incoming (2017) which on display at SFMOMA in February this year. Frost’s directorial debut The Wasp Factory (2013, Holland Festival 2014), was performed to capacity audiences at London’s Royal Opera House. In 2020 he presents The Murder of Halit Yozgat - A new opera based on research agency Forensic Architecture’s counter-investigation of a neo-nazi assassination for the Staatsoper Hannover and Holland Festival. Frost also recently joined the touring lineup of the band SWANS with whom he has previously collaborated in the studio. Staatsoper Hannover and Schauspiel Hannover jointly form the Lower Saxony State Theatre Hannover GmbH, one of the largest multidisciplinary theatres in Germany. Each year, around 1300 events are hosted at three locations, ranging from opera to theatre, ballet, concerts, and youth theatre; these draw some 400,000 visitors. Staatsoper Hannover and Schauspiel Hannover collaborate with internationally known artists and present an innovative program that draws attention from far beyond the region. With its new ensemble of thirty, Schauspiel Hannover, led by Sonja Anders, has an extensive repertoire that includes both outstanding premieres and classic material and theatre in a modern narrative style. As of this season, the Staatsoper is led by Laura Berman. Diversity is key for the program of the ensemble, which has an international composition - the Staatsoper engages in dialogue with the city and the European opera scene. Besides modern interpretations of the standard repertoire, the Staatsoper yields world premieres and musical excursions between different genres and formats for younger audiences. The State Ballet is led by Marco Goecke, who makes art for the twenty-first century that bears his distinctive mark. In addition to his own productions, he collaborates with younger colleagues and invites well-known choreographers to come to Hannover. The Lower Saxony State Orchestra Hannover is both an operatic and concert orchestra. Besides accompanying opera, ballet and giving symphonic concerts, the orchestra also plays chamber music and children’s concerts at special locations outside the Staatsoper.