The Holland Festival has a strong support base that actively contributes to the festival’s ongoing success and growth. Thanks to its generous donors the Holland Festival is able to continue to be the leading performing arts festival in the Netherlands since 1947, annually presenting exceptional work of international stature. In addition the festival is continuously looking to renew itself, find extraordinary talent and productions that will attract a broader, more diverse audience. Due to its small and flexible organization the festival is able to recognize and respond to developments. To reach its goals the festival collaborates with partners locally, nationally and internationally, varying from Amsterdam venues and companies, to international peers worldwide.


Friends of the Holland Festival receive benefits ranging from priority tickets - the best seats in the house - and reduced ticket prices, to exclusive receptions with the festival’s distinguished international guests, and more.

You can connect on different levels and will be personally informed about the festival.
€ 55 annually - Liefhebber
You receive with your personal Holland Festival card:

  • access to advance ticket sales: two weeks prior to the start of the regular ticket sales we offer you the opportunity to order tickets for the entire festival;
  • a € 5 discount on the first ticket booked and a reduction of € 2,50 on every additional ticket for the same performance*.
  • free programme books*

€ 250 annually - Begunstiger
In addition to the benefits listed for Liefhebbers, Begunstigers receive: 

  • Two complementary tickets for the special ‘Holland Festival Friends Performance’ and the festive reception afterwards;
  • An invitation for two for the private reception following the opening performance, when tickets for the opening performance are purchased;
  • An invitation for two for the Holland Festival Fall Meeting;
  • Your name listed (if so desired) on Holland Festival materials such as the Festival pocket and programmes.

€ 250 annually - Jonge Begunstiger
Receive the same benefits as the Begunstigers and:

  • Participate in a special programme where you meet like-minded people and visit performances you shouldn’t miss.

Click here for more information about the Jonge Begunstigers programme 2018.



€ 1,500 annually - Beschermer

In addition to the benefits listed above Beschermers receive:

  • An invitation for two to attend the official opening performance and reception of the Holland Festival;
  • Four complementary tickets for performances of your choice*;
  • An invitation to attend the annual Holland Festival Spring Dinner with the Holland Festival Board of Trustees, Board of Governors, directors and artists.

€ 5,000 annually - Hartsvrienden
Hartsvrienden of the Holland Festival we invite to get closer to the Festival and share in the ins & outs. With like-minded people and guests of the Festival we welcome you to special events. In addition to the benefits listed above, you receive:

  • Eight complementary tickets to performances of your choice*, instead of four as listed for Beschermers;
  • An invitation for two to the exclusive ‘Hartsvrienden Dinner’, with distinguished guests from the festival: artists, makers and producers.

* The following conditions are applicable:

  • The price of a ticket, discount included, can not be lower than € 15;
  • The discount is only applicable if tickets are purchased through the Holland Festival Ticket Service;
  • A number of performances are excluded from this offer. In 2019, this is the aus LICHT project of the National Opera, the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague and Holland Festival. The other exceptions will be made public once the full programme has been presented.

more information?
To receive more information about the Holland Festival and the possibilities to support, please contact Leonie Kruizenga, head of Development, at: 020-7882118 or e-mail: [email protected].

Donations to the festival are tax deductible

The Holland Festival is a registered charitable organization and has the fiscal ANBI status.

A special tax law has been in force since 2012, which makes it more advantageous to make a charitable donation. This so called Geefwet allows you to claim your donations to organizations with an ANBI status, with an additional 25% for tax benefits (total 125%). The Holland Festival has such an ANBI status. The fiscal advantage is valid for donations that total a maximum of €5,000 annually. If you donate more than €5,000. to registered charities, you can deduct the remaining amount for the regular percentage of 100%. 

In addition there are fiscal benefits for periodical gifts with an annuity construction for five years and upwards. If you choose to support the Holland Festival for a minimum of five years your gift will be fully tax-deductible.

Individual gifts are tax deductible when the total amount given in one year surpasses 1% of your income, with a minimum of €60. The amount given above the minimum threshold is tax deductible. The maximum deductible amount is 10% of your threshold income. The threshold income totals your income minus deductions in box 1, 2 and 3 and minus your personal deductions.