Funds & Foundations

The support of Dutch and international funds and foundations is invaluable to the Holland Festival. Thanks to their commitment, the festival is a serious player in the international art world and is able to show distinguished, ground-breaking performing art to a large and wide audience.


Through long-term and project-based collaborations, the Holland Festival can realise its artistic and public ambitions. These include presenting new, innovative and large-scale performances by internationally recognised artists that cannot be seen anywhere else in the Netherlands, supporting Dutch mid-career artists with international ambitions, contributing to a healthy art climate where artists can further develop and grow, establishing new and reciprocal collaborations with (small) local cultural institutions and communities in Amsterdam and beyond, and reaching a varied audience. 


The Holland Festival believes that performing art from all over the world can be of added value for everyone: it surprises, moves and invites people to think about themselves, society and the other. That is why the festival is committed to bringing a diverse audience into contact with our polyphonic programming.


If a fund or foundation is interested in collaborating with the Holland Festival, we would be happy to discuss a possible meeting of our goals.