Stef Aerts


FC Bergman (Belgium) was founded in 2008 by six actors-theatre makers-artists: Stef Aerts, Joé Agemans, Bart Hollanders, Matteo Simoni, Thomas Verstraeten and Marie Vinck. FC Bergman has been a permanent theatre maker for Toneelhuis in Antwerp since 2013.  In a short time, they developed their own theatrical language, which is anarchic, a bit chaotic, extremely visual and poetic. Floundering, ever-striving humans are at the centre of their work. The most recent and impressive production in the series, JR (Holland Festival 2016), both literally and figuratively took this theme to the next level. In 2016, Simoni and Hollanders stepped back as core members and now work with FC Bergman on an irregular basis. The individual members of FC Bergman take part in a variety of theatre productions, television projects and films or make performances, installations and videos. 2009         Jong Theater Prijs on Theater Aan Zee for De thuiskomst van Harold Pinter 2010         Selection Nederlands Theater Festival: Wandelen op de Champs-                                               Elysées met een schildpad om de wereld beter te kunnen bekijken, maar het is                    moeilijk thee drinken op een ijsschots als iedereen dronken is 2011          300 el x 50 el x 30 el, at Toneelhuis 2012         Terminator Trilogie 2013         Van den vos 2015         Het land Nod 2016         Performance of Het land Nod op Festival d’Avignon, Zürcher Theater Spektakel 2018         JR, Holland Festival 2019-20    FC Bergman collaborates on Freud van ITA 2020-21    The Sheep Song Toneelhuis, the largest city theatre of Flanders is a ‘house of difference’. It is a hub for extraordinary artists, artistic disciplines and different audiences. In the historic Bourlaschouwburg in the centre of Antwerp, Toneelhuis provides a place for a great variety of theatre makers making/producing/developing contemporary and innovative work with an international appeal. The artistic diversity reflects the multitude of positions that characterise our current age and society. The Toneelhuis makers create their pieces for the Bourla, for specific locations and for theatres in Belgium and abroad. Since 2000, Toneelhuis has regularly presented work at the Holland Festival, including the Musil theatre marathon in 2012 based on the book The Man Without Properties by Robert Musil.