Pierrot Lunaire

Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Sofia Jernberg, Klangforum Wien

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testing policy at theatre attendance Friday 25 June

Dear visitor of Pierrot lunaire,

This morning, June 25, we have noticed that there are malfunctions at several 'Testen voor toegang' ('Testing for Access') locations in Amsterdam. In addition, due to enormous traffic caused by other events, there is hardly any possibility to have tests taken. 

Because of this problem, the Holland Festival in consultation with the theatre ITA has decided to be lenient with 'Testing for admission' tonight. If you do not manage to get tested today, please come to the theater anyway, possibly with your vaccination certificate.  

We hope to see you all at ITA tonight to enjoy Pierrot lunaire.

A sad clown. With his pale face and tear on his cheek, the Pierrot character from the eighteenth century Italian commedia dell’arte was the counterpart to the cheerful clown. He has been a timeless source of inspiration for artists ever since. The choreographer Marlene Monteiro Freitas is known for her musical, whimsical and imaginative work. For her first adaptation of an existing piece of musical theatre, she chose Arnold Schönberg’s composition Pierrot lunaire from 1912 about the moonstruck clown. Pierrot stumbles through a kaleidoscopic sonic landscape that holds the middle ground between speech and singing, intimacy and expressivity, and comedy and tragedy. Freitas adds modern elements to the famous, exuberant composition and turns it into an entirely unique visual adventure performed by Klangforum Wien with the singer Sofia Jernberg. 


MMF | Marlene Monteiro Freitas (Cape Verde, 1979) is a dancer and choreographer. She studied dance in Brussels and Lisbon, and has worked with Emmanuelle Huynn, Loic Touzé, Tânia Carvalho, Boris Charmatz and others. Her first company was Compass in Cape Verde. She currently works in Lisbon with the production structure P.OR.K that she co-founded and develops her work in the O Espaço do Tempo art centre, among others. Her oeuvre is characterised by openness, heterogeneity and intensity. 

Pieces she made include Of ivory and flesh - statues also suffer (2014), Paradise - private collection (2012-13), (M)imosa (2011), a project developed with Trajal Harrell, François Chaignaud and Cecilia Bengolea, Guintche (2010), A Seriedade do Animal (2009-10), Uns e Outros (2008), A Improbabilidade da Certeza (2006), Larvar (2006) and Primeira Impressão (2005). 

In 2017, she received an award from the Cape Verdean government for her cultural achievements. In 2018, she created Canine Jaunâtre 3 for the Batsheva Dance Company. In the same year, she received the Silver Lion at the Biennale Danza in Venice. Pierrot lunaire is Freitas’ debut at the Holland Festival. 

Sofia Jernberg (Ethiopia, 1983) is a Swedish experimental singer, improviser, and composer. She is widely known for expanding the ‘instrumental’ possibi­lities of the voice and is active both as soloist and in various bands. Her musi­cal partners include internationally acclaimed performers such as Peter Evans, Eve Risser, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Kim Myhr and Heiner Goebbels. Jernberg is also working on the contemporary classical music scene, in which she serves as both singer and composer. As a singer she has premiered pieces by com­posers such as Emily Hall, Anna Thorvaldsdottir, Sigurd Fischer Olsen, and Lars Bröndum. She was a soloist with Norrbotten NEO when they performed Arnold Schönberg's Pierrot lunaire in 2010, and in Salvatore Sciarrino's Lohengrin in 2014. Jernberg has composed for several established ensembles such as Duo Ego and Norrbotten NEO. Other artists have included Jernberg's practice in their work and/or jointly developed forms of interdisciplinary collaboration, such as visual artist Camille Norment in Rapture at the Venice Biennale 2015, or within the cinematic work Union of the North by artists Matthew Barney, Erna Ómarsdóttir, and Valdimar Jóhannsson. The artist is holding lectures and workshops at various universities around Europe. 

Klangforum Wien: a collective of risk-takers, explorers, and revolutionaries. 24 musicians from ten countries constantly explore new horizons of artistic creativity together with the most important composers of our time. Imaginative, virtuosic, and perceptive – Klangforum Wien draws from an unmistakable sound and creates spaces for experiences that challenge audiences. The ensemble initiates extraordinary dimensions: sensual experiences with an intensity that one cannot escape. The ensemble’s repertoire speaks, acts, and inspires. It has premiered roughly 500 new pieces by composers from three continent and can look back on a discography of over 70 CDs, a series of honours and prizes and around 2,000 appearances at renowned festivals and in premiere concerts in opera venues in Europe, the United States of America and Japan. 

Klangforum Wien performed at the Holland Festival with Fama (2007) by Beat Furrer, Ein Tag und eine Stunde in Urbo Kune, which turned the Muziekgebouw into a utopian city for 25 hours in 2015, and in 2018 performed the music of Georg Friedrich Haas in the poignant monologue HYENA.


concept, direction
Marlene Monteiro Freitas
musical direction
Ingo Metzmacher
Pierrot lunaire
Sofia Jernberg
Klangforum Wien: Vera Fischer (flute, piccolo), Bernhard Zachhuber (clarinet, bass clarinet), Gunde Jäch-Micko (violin, viola), Andreas Lindenbaum (violoncello), Florian Müller (piano)
Michael Zlabinger
artistic assistance
Cláudio da Silva
space, light
Yannick Fouassier
Martín Valdés-Stauber
production management
Sandra Azevedo, Soraia Gonçalves
Marijn Arbouw
costume production
Marisa Ribeiro
Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Cláudio da Silva
commissioned by
Wiener Festwochen
Wiener Festwochen
Holland Festival
in collaboration with
P.O.R.K. (Lissabon)
Wiener Festwochen, Key Performance (Stockholm)
This performance was made possible with support by


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