Die ersten Menschen

Rudi Stephan, Dutch National Opera


Die ersten Menschen will be streamed on the European culture TV channel ARTE from Friday 25 June at 8 PM (CET) and will remain available for six months after this. You can watch the stream via this link.

The first two humans on earth were in love. The third man killed the fourth. Die ersten Menschen tells the story of the first family in the biblical history of mankind: Adahm and Chawa and their sons Kajin and Chabel. In Die ersten Menschen, the well-known Bible story of Kajin's murder of his brother is interpreted from a completely different angle. In an exceptionally fascinating opera, the promising, but too early deceased composer Rudi Stephan opens up a rich musical world about one of man's primal conflicts. 

The story
Die ersten Menschen is set in a vast primeval landscape, where the first family on earth cannot avoid mutual confrontation. Chawa feels estranged from Adahm and longs for their younger years. Sons Kajin and Chabel have very different views on life. Kajin feels close to nature and is filled with sexual desire, while Chabel lives by his religious beliefs and fulfils the role of the perfect son. Kajin finds in his mother the archetypal woman he has been searching for and is jealous of his mother's love for Chabel. The envy drives him to kill his own brother. Left alone, Adahm and Chawa understand what awaits mankind. 

Performance schedule to be announced
The Dutch premiere of Die ersten Menschen will take place on 3 June. If the situation allows for an audience to attend, there will be extra performances. The premiere will also be live streamed on 3 June. If it will be possible to welcome an audience in Nationale Opera & Ballet, then the performance schedule will be published. Therefor information about ticket sales will be announced on a later date.


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