A philosophical, absurdist sound performance all about words


BOG. & Het Zuidelijk Toneel

The average adult has a vocabulary of 40,000 words. These words enable us to express ourselves, communicate and give meaning to things. At the same time, words are often limiting or even confusing. In TAL., the Flemish-Dutch theatre makers that make up BOG. have teamed up with composer Jens Bouttery and a number of bilingual guest actors to dissect the most important tool human beings have at their disposal: language. TAL. is an attempt to talk about language without explicitly naming everything. Forming an eleven strong choir on a tennis court, they go in search of multilingual polyphony to the rhythm of tennis ball machines. Together they present a philosophical, absurd and occasionally Dadaist performance in which language – which can connect us just as much as it can divide us – is taken apart and put back together in wholly new ways.


from and with
Judith de Joode,
Benjamin Moen,
Lisa Verbelen,
Sanne Vanderbruggen,
Jens Bouttery
with a.o.
o.a. Hélène Vrijdag,
Georgy Chtchevaev,
Lucas van der Vegt,
spelers van DOX
musical direction
Jens Bouttery
supervising direction
Suze Milius
in collaboration with

This performance was made possible with support by