Louis Andriessen composes an ode to Frans Brüggen
world premiere


Louis Andriessen, Lucie Horsch, Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century, Cappella Amsterdam

‘A new spring and a new sound...’ are the opening words of Herman Gorter’s famous poem Mei (‘May’). Renowned, eighty-year-old composer Louis Andriessen was inspired by these words to create a new composition for choir and orchestra as an homage to his late friend, the conductor and recorder player Frans Brüggen (1934-2014). In addition to this world premiere, a recent composition by Polish composer Paweł Szymański will be performed, also written especially for the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century – which was founded by Brüggen – along with works by Bach (adapted by Brüggen), Mozart and Josquin des Prez. The young, talented flautist Lucie Horsch will play the recorder, the instrument that Brüggen loved so dearly.


Mozart, Symfonie KV 550
Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century 

Louis Andriessen, Sweet (1964)
dedicated to Frans Brüggen
Lucie Horsch, recorder

Johann Sebastian Bach, Concerto in D-Major for recorder and strings
arrangement Frans Brüggen (1981), to BWV 49, 169 and 1053
Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century   
Lucie Horsch, recorder

Paweł Szymański, A la Recherche de la Symphonie Perdue (2018) 
dedicated to Frans Brüggen
Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century

Josquin Desprez, Nymphes des Bois, Deploration sur la mort de Ockeghem
Cappella Amsterdam

Louis Andriessen, De Mei (2020)
dedicated to Frans Brüggen 


Louis Andriessen
Johann Sebastian Bach
Josquin Desprez
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Paweł Szymański
Lucie Horsch
performed by
Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century, Cappella Amsterdam