Arab music and B movies in an exciting new package

Glory & Tears

Love & Revenge:
Rayess Bek, Randa Mirza, Mehdi Haddab, Julien Perraudeau

The Arab Star Wars and Dracula, combined with Arabic vocals and a heavy beat. The Lebanese musician and performer Rayess Bek and video artist Randa Mirza together form the band Love & Revenge. They combine contemporary electronic sound with old Arab movies and music. For their latest project, Glory & Tears, Mirza has unearthed underrated Arab sci-fi, horror and B-movies with Western influences. For the music, Rayess Bek has explored the work of artists from different countries, including blind Saudi singer Ibtisam Lutfi. With electronic music and heavy digital percussion, Love & Revenge takes old Arabic pop music, with its powerful vocals, and places it within a wholly new context, assisted by Mehdi Haddab on the electrical oud and keyboardist Julien Perraudeau.


music, machines
Rayess Bek
video artist
Randa Mirza
Mehdi Haddab
Julien Perraudeau