‘A philosophical evening, visually astonishing’ - Süddeutsche Zeitung

Drei Schwestern

Susanne Kennedy, Münchner Kammerspiele

What if time were circular and we were able to repeat every moment of our lives infinitely? For those of us who are not afraid, almost anything is possible in the digital world. This was very different back when Chekhov wrote his Three Sisters. This classic has been staged many times since 1901. The three sisters – Masha, Olga and Irina – dream of swapping the Russian countryside for Moscow, the exciting capital. But with everything around them changing rapidly, their future remains an unfulfilled promise. In her radical adaptation, director Susanne Kennedy frees the sisters from their finite nature. The stage is transformed into a seemingly virtual environment, the actors are interchangeable, and the ability to rewind or fast forward is unlimited. But would people really make different choices without the limitation of time? Or would longing simply repeat endlessly?


Susanne Kennedy
artistic collaboration
Richard Janssen, Rodrik Biersteker
sound design
Richard Janssen
Rodrik Biersteker
Lena Newton
Rainer Casper
Teresa Vergho
Helena Eckert
Manuela Clarin, Kristin Elsen, Marie Groothof, Eva Löbau, Christian Löber, Benjamin Radjaipour, Sibylle Sailer, Anna Maria Sturm, Walter Hess
Münchner Kammerspiele