Theatrical parade through Amsterdam's Zuidoost district

Parlement debout

world premiere

Faustin Linyekula

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Join in Faustin Linyekula’s procession, follow the brass band and ‘sapeurs’ (Congolese ‘people with style’), and pass by various venues in Amsterdam’s Zuidoost district. This parade of stories from Amsterdam and the Democratic Republic of Congo is about listening and being heard, amidst the noise of the streets, vehicles, passers-by and life. Parlement debout is an moving open-air performance, inspired by ‘les parlementaires debout’, men who hang about at kiosks and taxis in Congo, commenting on the news, speaking their minds in the public square, and disrupting the political order. Linyekula, together with Yves Mwamba and Dinozord, is directing a similarly disruptive parade of unknown, sometimes incredible stories that seldomly make it into newspapers here.

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