Absurdist-poetic 'ciné-concert'

Paper Music

William Kentridge, Philip Miller

Vaudeville, opera and film come together in this absurdist-poetic 'ciné-concert' by William Kentridge and composer Philip Miller – the creators of another production at this year's festival: The Head and the Load. Paper Music is the product of twenty-five-years of collaboration between Kentridge and Miller and connects several themes from their collaborative work. Expect a compelling work linking colonialism with various relativity theories and a monumental 'breathing machine'. The singers and voice artists Ann Masina and Joanna Dudley are equally impressive - mimicking the sounds of musical instruments, sirens and animals. There are silent animation films by Kentridge, as well as old, new, and live music by Miller. Each scene has a political and historical undercurrent. This is a recent highpoint in Kentridge's oeuvre.


William Kentridge
Philip Miller
Greta Goiris
costumes assistent
Eugénie Poste
Joanna Dudley (voice), Ann Masina (voice), Vincenzo Pasquariello (piano)
technical coordinator
Michele Greco
with the kind support of
Firenze Suona Contemporanea and Lia Rumma Gallery (Naples and Milan, Italy)