Eyes on Robert


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Young, contemporary photographers draw inspiration from photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. His work is distinguished by an uncompromising curiosity about sexuality, desire and the body. His iconic nudes, close-ups of flowers and sublime portraits of celebrities pushed artistic boundaries and broke taboos. Mapplethorpe's work may be more topical than ever in the current climate of #metoo and increasing prudishness. In Eyes on Robert young, contemporary photographers have drawn inspiration from this influential photographer from the 1980s. The results are being exhibited at Melkweg Expo.

The exposition is opening Tuesday 18 June at 5.30 pm (entrance through MILK). Photographers : Fotografen: Ari Versluis, Daan Couzijn, Dustin Thierry, Dylan van Vliet, Ferry van der Nat, Henri Verhoef, Martijn Mendel en Vytautas Kumza.



Fleurie Kloostra, Tjade Bouma

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